Intelligent Manufacturing Capability

Intelligent Controller Division

The Intelligent Controller Division is equipped with an industry-leading SMT high-speed placement line, featuring high-precision printing and mounting equipment to meet the production needs of small components and high-density products. The division is configured with a multi-temperature zone nitrogen reflow soldering process to meet the reflow soldering requirements of different layer printed circuit boards. Advanced 3D SPI, 3D AOI and X-RAY inspection equipment are employed to ensure the soldering quality of SMT products. The division has established numerous plug-in and assembly lines, equipped with advanced high-speed plug-in equipment to meet various component insertion requirements. It is also equipped with wave soldering, selective wave soldering and automatic soldering equipment to meet diverse product soldering needs. The division possesses mature conformal coating and potting processes with different sealing materials to ensure product protection. Simultaneously, the division utilizes an advanced MES management system to achieve real-time monitoring and recording of order completion and quality. This system enables traceability analysis for product quality issues. The division's advanced hardware and software configurations, coupled with the operation of the IATF16949 automotive quality management system, ensure robust production, delivery and quality control capabilities, meeting various production, testing, and delivery requirements of customers.

Precision Video Communications Division

The Precision Video Communications Division is equipped with 16 SMT high-speed placement lines, 6 wave soldering lines, and more than ten assembly lines for producing a variety of high-end products such as telephone, sanitizers and video machines. The division is outfitted with advanced manufacturing and testing equipment from renowned domestic and international manufacturers, including Panasonic placement machines, REHM reflow soldering equipment, KOHYOUNG SPI, DAGE X-RAY, and others. With information technology and automation manufacturing capabilities certified through dual integration, the division utilizes advanced manufacturing management systems and quality control systems. This ensures the production, delivery and quality control requirements for customer products, meeting a diverse range of customer needs.

Optocoupler Division

The Optocoupler Division has been specializing in the packaging of optoelectronic devices for over 30 years, possessing robust proprietary core technologies. It has a complete set of reliable test and analysis equipment and capabilities. With expertise in semiconductor, optics, thermodynamics, materials science, and optoelectronic drive technologies, the division can provide customers with integrated technical services and products covering optical, electrical, thermal, and structural systems. Equipped with internationally advanced semiconductor packaging equipment such as automatic dicing machines, automatic die bonders, automatic gold wire ball bonders, automatic packaging equipment, and fully automatic testing equipment, its industrial capabilities allow for rapid adaptation to market changes. The products find extensive applications in household appliances, industrial control, communication, power, new energy, and other fields, with several products leading the industry in technological advancement. The Optocoupler products are experiencing rapid development amidst the trend of domestication.

Currently, the division has fully automated and informatized production lines for nine major product series, including a complete range of Optocouplers, surface-mount LEDs, lamp LEDs, surface-mount phototransistors, high-power LEDs, and receiver head products.

The production lines are housed in a cleanroom with a cleanliness level of 100,000 and a standard workshop with a cleanliness level of 10,000. The division has a well-established information management platform, with strong capabilities in process quality control, operation error prevention, and production information traceability. It boasts a professional management team, specialized TPM equipment management team, AGV automatic logistics system, AOI machine vision inspection system, and the production line holds certifications such as RoHS, CQC, ISO, IATF16949, VDE, REACH, demonstrating its capability in supplying automotive electronics.

Photonic Display Division

The Photonic Display Division currently encompasses a complete production process and full-scale production lines for a series of optoelectronic products, including LED digital displays, display modules, LED light source components, UV components, bulb lights, backlight sources, etc.

We have state-of-the-art facilities, including a cleanroom with a hundred thousand-grade cleanliness level spanning nearly a thousand square meters. Our facilities include sophisticated equipment for die bonding and wire bonding, a comprehensive set of semi-finished and finished product testing equipment, dozens of fully automated robot assembly lines, and automated assembly production lines. Additionally, we continuously obtain internationally recognized ESD certificates, maintain a robust electrostatic protection management system, and periodically monitor the entire production process.

Our mission is to "illuminate every wafer, making digital displays more brilliant." We hope that our comprehensive production capabilities will garner the favor of more customers!

Testing Capabilities

Weathering Test

High temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature alternating, high temperature and high humidity, dual 85, alternating damp-heat, temperature shock, rapid alternation, walk-in test chamber comprehensive test, high-pressure cooking, etc.

● Salt spray test, chemical solvent resistance test.

● Waterproof, dustproof test.

● Vibration, shock, and drop tests.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

● Electromagnetic susceptibility testing (EMS)

(1) Surge pulse testing

(2) Surge testing

(3) Voltage drop testing

(4) Electrostatic discharge testing

(5) Conducted interference susceptibility testing (CS)

(6) Radiated interference susceptibility testing

(7) Large current injection testing (BCI)

●Interference testing (EMI)

(1)Conducted interference testing

(2)Interference power testing

(3)Radiated emission testing (RE)

(4)Harmonic current testing

Testing and Analysis

● Material testing (controller components).

●Device product testing (optocouplers, integration, intelligent displays, etc.).

●Software testing (black-box testing), hardware testing, switch power supply testing, performance parameter testing, controller product functional testing, quality issue analysis testing.

●Safety testing (insulation, withstand voltage, flame retardant testing, etc.).

●Other testing (ionic contamination testing, metallographic slicing, life testing, pull-push force testing, etc.).

FA Analysis

●Appearance inspection (microscope), electrical testing.

●Non-destructive physical analysis (X-ray, SAT ultrasonic scanning microscope, etc.).

●Opening dissection, metallographic slicing, plasma beam cutting.

●SEM electron microscope observation, EDS component detection.

●Failure mode.

●Failure analysis.


Electromagnetic compatibility EMC testing

Detection analysis

Failure analysis

Opening Anatomy - Split Guardrail Platform

Physical opening, sample chip analysis and use

Digital Microscopy System

Observation of device/chip surface defects and 3D deep synthesis splicing measurement.

Metallographic grinding and polishing machine

Pre grinding, polishing, and grinding of objects with different accuracies

X-RAY detector

Utilizing the difference in X-ray absorption rate of materials to create differences in imaging brightness,Perform non-destructive imaging observation.

Differential scanning tester

Thermal analysis instrument, measuring glass transition temperature,

Can monitor material performance

Digital Factory