Water Heater

Through MCU control, LED digital module display, IOT communication module circuit, and UART communication circuit, it enables remote water temperature detection, water leakage/electricity leakage detection, anode protection circuit detection, etc. through wireless IOT interconnection and wired UART dual-machine communication. The system utilizes signal detection to control the inflow and outflow valves, heating pipes, allowing for water temperature adjustment, water output control, and incorporating safety features such as inner tank protection and secure electrical operation.

Washing Machine

Through MCU, power management circuit and driver circuit, combined with WIFI & Bluetooth communication modules, the system allows real-time scheduling of laundry time and intelligent customization of washing modes through a mobile app. Additionally, it features functions such as disinfection and drying.


The control of the refrigerator's refrigeration system and the interaction with the human-machine interface are achieved through 8-bit and 32-bit MCUs, as well as peripheral circuits for touch, drive and temperature detection. The main functions include the detection of input signals such as temperature sensors and door switches. It also involves the load drive control for compressor, air damper, solenoid valve, fan, defrost heater and interior light.

Central Air Conditioning

Through a 32-bit MCU, control multiple AI analog input circuits, DI digital input, valve output circuits, BLDC motor drive circuits, and multiple communication circuits, achieving temperature acquisition control, fan control, line controller connection and remote control.

Smart Home Appliance Control System and Overall Solution

White Goods Controller—Air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater

Kitchen Appliance Controller—Dishwasher, electric oven, induction cooker, range hood

Small Appliance Controller— Tea maker, coffee machine


Smart Home Appliance Central Control System

Control appliances in the system through gestures, voice, or LCD touchscreen display, including ovens, air purifiers, and refrigerators. The control core is a high-end graphical user interface controller.

Unmanned Vending Freezer

Scan to unlock, with a camera inside the freezer for visual recognition of the items taken, settle the payment after closing the door, and electronic payment.