Working hours: The company implements a 5-day, 8-hour work system.

Compensation and benefits: Including monthly salary, quarterly bonuses, year-end bonuses, and corresponding stock incentive systems for middle and senior management and core personnel. The company provides employees with a good development platform and promotion opportunities, with salary adjustments at least once a year.

Employee benefits:Employees are covered by the five social insurances and one housing fund (work-related injury insurance, medical insurance, pension insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, housing provident fund) upon entry.

Regularly organize health check-ups.

Training benefits: The company regularly provides internal training, external training, online training, outdoor expansion and other benefits.

Holiday benefits: Enjoy statutory holidays as stipulated by national labor laws, as well as marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, annual leave, etc.

Transfer of household registration: Can assist eligible employees in handling Xiamen household registration and related file transfer procedures.

Accommodation benefits:

1. Provide free accommodation (air conditioning, TV, water heater, internet, etc.).

2. Provide free shuttle buses for commuting employees.

Employee activities: The company has associations for mountain climbing, badminton, table tennis, etc., and organizes various club activities from time to time.