Hot Water Circulation Pump Frequency Conversion Integrated Machine

FOC vector control

Fixed speed control

Constant pressure control, pressure ratio control, adaptive control

Multiple pump alternate operation

Cascade operation

Secondary Water Supply System Frequency Conversion Integrated Machine FOC vector control.

FOC vector control.

Constant speed control, constant pressure control, proportional pressure ratio control, adaptive control.

Frequency modulation mute control algorithm, bus thin film capacitance and beat frequency suppression algorithm, multi pump alternating operation, cascade operation.

High and low water pressure protection, water shortage protection, antifreeze protection, water shortage reset, pipe burst detection, etc.

Dynamic identification of system resonance frequency, frequency modulation silent control.

Overall heat dissipation of inverter and motor, independent air duct design.

Industrial Purification Frequency Converter

FOC vector control.

Various control modes such as constant air volume, constant speed, constant power, adaptive control, etc.

Software functional safety Class B.

Industrial Ceiling Fan Inverter

FOC vector control, weak magnetic control, torque compensation.

Applied in airports, warehouses, factories, classrooms, etc.