Cultural concepts

Enterprise mission: Contribute to the country, achieve employees, and giving back to shareholders

Enterprise Vision:To become the world's leading design and manufacturing enterprise for intelligent controllers

Enterprise spirit:Sail against the current, either not advancing or retreating; Strive to be the first and strive for excellence

Business philosophy: Taking the leading road of scientific and innovation

Core values:Thinking about today with the view of future, execution is vitality

Employing concept: prepared for both promotion and demotion, be promising and in place.

Leader style: emancipate their minds, serve as role models, take responsiblities, be honest and self-disciplined,  and integrating knowledge and action

Quality policy: We are determined to provide high-quality and competitive green products and services on time to meet or exceed our customers’expectations.

Environmental safety policy: Lawful operation, safe production, reducing environmental pollution and occupational health injuries, establishing a good social image, and achieving sustainable development.